Hivamat 200 Portable (DEMO UNIT)

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Unit includes 4 Protocol Cards: Chiropractic, Athletic Training, Rehab, and Continuing Care.

Also will come with 1.5 year original warranty.

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Therapeutic Treatment Device
The Hivamat 200 Portable device provides patients with effective, at-home therapy. It provides the soft tissue with therapeutic oscillation that works with the body’s natural recovery process. This therapeutic treatment device is a reusable, FDA approved treatment option that can work to heal many chiropractic and athletic injuries.
Deep Oscillation Therapy
The Hivamat 200 Portable device delivers deep oscillation therapy to the soft tissue. It relaxes the muscles, making them limber for adjustments and manipulations. The device also improves circulation to increase blood flow throughout the tissue, and offers pain relief as it restores oxygen and nutrients to the injury.
For An Active Lifestyle
The Hivamat 200 Portable device is an ideal therapy treatment for people that live an active life. The device features targeted athletic, rehabilitation, and chiropractic programs that are designed to help recover specific microtraumas. It is popular amongst personal trainers, athletes, athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and people who face recurring muscular injuries.